Also, modern art, online notebooks, the world of creativity, and changing your thoughts
Also, the best McDonald's ever, Twitter, getting off your ass, and learning to rest.
Also, new battery tech, super convenient adapters, day jobs, and simplicity.
Also 3d-printing gone wild, diamonds AREN'T forever, and silence
Also Mother's Day, the past vs. the future, sheep vs. lawnmowers, and jumping aboard the ship
Also Ethereum, weird stuff your S/O does, and WWII stories
And lots of emojis, oh God, so many emojis
Also, a few facts about coffee, "Avengers, assemble", and habits worth telling stories about
Also, job city, no murders in Norway, and stress is...good?
Also, dead-simple productivity, Easter tweets, and a man with 10,000 lives
Also stretching, Quora, hiking the Appalachian, and WWII stories
Also how one small interaction could change your life, and furry raccoons.