My mom always told me I was meant to bring happiness into others’ lives, so this newsletter is really just about a boy living up to his mother’s astronomical expectations. But, it’s also for your benefit, too.

There’s a lot of bullsh*t out there in today’s world

Everywhere you turn - on the news, on the radio, on social media, at family gatherings, wherever - you’re bombarded by negativity, toxicity, and people trying to influence you one way or the other. Just in the past week (as of 2/20/21), the major headlines I’ve seen are:

  • “‘A tragic case’: Organ transplant patient dies after receiving Covid-infected lungs”

  • “The Texans who were lost to the winter storm”

  • “Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West”

Every once in a while, you see an uplifting story about a hero raising money for the little guy, or a lone survivor amidst a tragedy, but you shouldn’t have to comb the entire desert just to (hopefully) find one diamond.

To be frank, the way we typically ingest news is exhausting. I do everything I can to ignore it, yet still, some bullsh*t inevitably slips past my filters and charges into my brain.

The world doesn’t need more click-bait headlines and “shocking” news. It just needs a bit more positivity, laughter, and maybe a little more ‘you’.

But first, a brief synopsis of ‘me’

I’m, well…me.

I’m an engineer by education but a project manager by occupation.

I write online and publish articles on places like Medium, Quora, and various others.

I co-own Dreamweaver Coffee Co , an online coffee shop that produces freshly-roasted, high-quality coffee on-demand to your mo’-effin’ doorstep. The goal is to someday turn it into a brick-and-mortar shop (after Covid slows down).

I’m a daddy to the goodest of girls, my chow chow, Lexi 🐾.

I enjoy a killer workout, foods from around the world, investing money, and most importantly - being ridiculously happy.

You swiping right yet, or what? 👉👉

Here’s how it works:

Every Sunday, you get one email from me, with love (for whatever that’s worth). This email will have 5 short segments:

  1. An article or thoughts, written by yours truly

  2. My take on an uplifting study and/or news article

  3. Something to make you smile or laugh - a meme, GIF, Tweet, etc.

  4. Artist shout-outs, quotes I’m diggin’, and random things I like

  5. Book recommendations (or ones to stay away from) based on what I’m reading

The intent of the newsletter is to brighten your day, expand your mind, and offer you motivation for doing whatever it is you do best.

But the only thing I’m hoping for?

To provide an email that you actually look forward to each week. We certainly all receive enough bullsh*t in our inbox.

So this Sunday, grab your favorite warm, morning beverage (coffee is obviously mine) and saddle up because you’re about to be hit with a healthy dose of cloud nine.

Hate the newsletter? Full refund!

Just kidding, it’s free. For the time being, at least.

Looking forward to having you as a reader ✌.