⛅ What motivates you, and does it really matter?

Also Ethereum, weird stuff your S/O does, and WWII stories

1. What motivates you?

The other day while trying to coerce my dog, Lexi, inside, I came upon the not-so-shocking revelation that food is, and always will be, her primary motivator.

This is not to say that she doesn’t love me. Of course she does - I give her all the food in the world, or at least as much as I can without making her unhealthy. What I am trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what her motivator is, all that matters is that I know how to motivate her (with food), which gives me the power in our relationship.

Now, you are obviously not a dog, and neither am I. If you were a dog, I’d be impressed as hell that you can read this newsletter, and you should email me back immediately (if you can type) so that we can keep in touch. Anywho, the power that I hold over my dog is just the same as the power that you hold over yourself if you know how to motivate yourself.

It doesn’t really matter what motivates you (assuming it’s not creepy or harmful to others). All that really matters is that you know how to leverage it to your advantage.

Find that leverage point. Use it. And make your life easier.

Woof woof.

2. Ethereum to the moon 🚀🚀🌙

The future is now and we’re living in it.

Ethereum is the blockchain network that handles transactions via its cryptocurrency “ether”. When you’re buying shares of Ethereum, what you’re really buying is ether. The interesting thing about a cryptocurrency like ether is that, unlike the US dollar and other national currencies, it’s not governed by any central authority. It is its own entity.

Well, on Tuesday of this past week, the European Investment Bank (EIB) announced that they will start selling bonds on the Ethereum network, with the help of some pretty big names in the banking biz (Banco Santander, Goldman Sachs, and Society Generale).

What this means is exactly what all of my red-eyed, Bitcoin maniac friends have been trying to tell me for years - crypto is inevitable, and now it’s getting Big Finance’s stamp of approval.

3. What weird stuff does your S/O do?

That’s “significant other” for those who don’t speak the lingo.

I saw this post on Reddit the other day and had an absolute blast reading through all of the comments. Mine would kill me for revealing all the weird shit she does (I think it’s mostly adorable), but I’ll share one thing just to get the party started:

Whenever I leave her on the couch, she looks at me like a meerkat and goes, “What doin’?” Like, where you goin’? Why are you leaving me?

What weird things does your S/O do? Feel free to share publicly or in an email reply 🙃.

4. Quote to think about

“I freed 1000 slaves. I could have freed 1000 more if only they knew they were slaves.” - Harriet Tubman

5. Whatcha readin’?

While searching for a new fiction book to read, I landed on The Ragged Edge of Night by Olivia Hawker. I’m barely halfway through but already hooked. If you’re into World War II stories, or if you enjoyed Beneath a Scarlet Sky, which is by far my favorite book (even though it’s non-fiction), you’ll probably love this one too.

That’s all for this week’s newsletter. Hope you enjoyed it!


Jason Gutierrez

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